Friday, September 23, 2016

Due 9/27 HW

Make a copy of this drawing in graphite(pencil) on paper or in your sketchbook. The drawing should be 8-10" tall. Make sure gesture and proportions are perfect.

Monday, September 5, 2016

9-6 Homework

Make two drawings. You must copy the page of legs. Then copy one of figure drawings below in graphite exactly as last week. Angles and Shapes!

Monday, August 29, 2016

8-30 Homework

Homework: Copy both drawings perfectly using graphite(pencil). Check your shapes, angles, and negative space to ensure you are making a perfect copy. Each copy on one 8x10" piece of paper. Bring to class next week with your name on the bottom right.

Wednesday, November 5, 2014


10 Week Schedule
Week 1
Demo/Slides/handout:  Images Gesture, Demo/ materials
Homework: 20 gestures from Pixellovely or other resource.  5 per page.
Week 2
Demo/Slides/handout: Volume, overlaps, intersections-images-Demo
Homework: 15 robot people
Week 3
Demo/Slides/handout: Shading/shadow line
Homework: 25 Heads
Week 4
Demo/Slides/handout: Block-in drawing-straight line Shapes!
Homework: Bargue
Week 5
Demo/Slides/handout:  19th Century/academic-long poses
Homework: Master copy from Russian book graphite
Week 6
Demo/Slides/handout: Lineweight-long poses
Homework: Master copy cont.
Week 7
Demo/Slides/handout: Style-5-10min
Homework: Anatomy-10 Hands and 10 feet graphite
Week 8
Demo/Slides/handout: Illustration mixed media: conte/chalk, ink, pens, colored pencil, pastel, W/c, gouache
Homework: 15 figs from imagination-stages of refinement/style-handout
Week 9
Demo/Slides/handout: Animation styles, simple expressive-gestures 1-20min poses
Homework: Story Board 15 panel event-Look at Chris Sanders
Week 10
Demo/Slides/handout: Demo- 1-20min poses
Homework: Story board cont.

Reference:  Bridgeman, Hogarth, Gnass, Loomis, Hampton, Vilppu