Wednesday, November 5, 2014


10 Week Schedule
Week 1
Demo/Slides/handout:  Images Gesture, Demo/ materials
Homework: 20 gestures from Pixellovely or other resource.  5 per page.
Week 2
Demo/Slides/handout: Volume, overlaps, intersections-images-Demo
Homework: 15 robot people
Week 3
Demo/Slides/handout: Shading/shadow line
Homework: 25 Heads
Week 4
Demo/Slides/handout: Block-in drawing-straight line Shapes!
Homework: Bargue
Week 5
Demo/Slides/handout:  19th Century/academic-long poses
Homework: Master copy from Russian book graphite
Week 6
Demo/Slides/handout: Lineweight-long poses
Homework: Master copy cont.
Week 7
Demo/Slides/handout: Style-5-10min
Homework: Anatomy-10 Hands and 10 feet graphite
Week 8
Demo/Slides/handout: Illustration mixed media: conte/chalk, ink, pens, colored pencil, pastel, W/c, gouache
Homework: 15 figs from imagination-stages of refinement/style-handout
Week 9
Demo/Slides/handout: Animation styles, simple expressive-gestures 1-20min poses
Homework: Story Board 15 panel event-Look at Chris Sanders
Week 10
Demo/Slides/handout: Demo- 1-20min poses
Homework: Story board cont.

Reference:  Bridgeman, Hogarth, Gnass, Loomis, Hampton, Vilppu

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